DOB: July 10, 2007

Coat: Steel grey leopard 

with tan trim

Eyes: Cracked glass

Weight: 55lbs

Height: 22''

I got Cougar from a couple who was looking to re-home her. They were moving back and forth from the states and she was an outdoor dog. With Alberta weathers being so cold, they decided to look for a new home for her. I am glad I came across her because she is a wonderful dog. She is very well trained and obedient. She can be chasing a rabbit full speed and will stop on a dime to come back to me with one command. She is an excellent hunter and can climb trees.

Cougar is very calm and laid back dog. She was a greeter to all of the clients when I worked at a doggy daycare. Everyone always commented how calm she was, and of course how beautiful her eyes are!

She LOVES to roll on her back! Grass or snow, you can catch her rolling around every day!